About me

Kolderveen is the village in Drenthe, where I grew up. Landscape, culture, nature and behaviour of people and animals have always been fascinated by me. I am obsessed with textures, textiles, yarn and wood and the connection between them. I work as a full time teacher in life. Every day I am learning about the world. When I studied, I found out that the more you learn, the more you learn that you’ve never finished learning. And most important that I learned is that you can trust your instinct. That is what animals do, we can learn from them.

Knitting is an special need for me and i like the movement of the yarn.  Creating a fabric through crochet, knitting and felting is magical. It makes people smile, talk en remembering special moments in their life. You have to concentrate on the stitches or the threats and that is very good for your mind. Creating is about telling stories, remembering special moments and through photography I’m sharing my fascination of life.

Name: Anneke Bouwknegt-Appelo

Living in: Nijeveen, Northern Netherlands
(originally from Kolderveen)

Fulltime teacher in awareness of your own creativity in life and knitting, felting and crochet.
Studied Master Special Educational Needs, graduated Cum laude.

Market Vendor in Staphorst, Zwolle, Winschoten, Havelte.

Interests: Photography, nature, hiking, boating, traveling, painting, knitting, designing, teaching, being creative (and more)